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Khusainova Anastasiya Aleksandrovna, Applicant, sub-department of pedagogy and psychology of professional education, Pedagogical Institute named after V. G. Belinsky, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Innovative socio-economic relations in society make changes in the structure and content of education. Of particular significance is the quality bachelors’ training, focused on development of their readiness to implement meaningful professional competences. As indicated by the results of the research (Т. О. Razumova, T. B. Polonevich), graduates with a high level of theoretical preparedness for professional-pedagogical interaction do not have the appropriate level of interaction with students. The solution to the identified problems is based on the cientificpedagogical research, the purpose of which is conceptualization of development, identification and experimental validation of conditions and readiness of future bachelors to model professional-pedagogical interaction with students.
Materials and methods. In the process of research there emerged the need for analysis of the conceptual apparatus of modern scientific approaches to development of future bachelors’ readiness for professional-pedagogical interaction with students. Refinement of the conceptual apparatus is connected with the problem of ambiguity in the use of terms, which leads to the reduced choice of materials and methods of the scientific-pedagogical research development readiness of future Bachelors for professional-pedagogical interaction with students. As a set of methods that allow to solve the tasks, the author used observation, questioning, testing and the methods of mathematical and statistical modelling of processes.
Results. The study clarified the meaning of “readiness for professional-pedagogical interaction”, determined its structure. On the basis of the conducted analysis the author developed a model of development of future bachelors’ readiness for professional-pedagogical interaction with students based on identification of specific training of future bachelors in the Pedagogical Institute; the conditions promoting the development of bachelors ' readiness for professional-pedagogical interaction with students.
Conclusions. Generalization of results of the theoretical research allowed to articulate and justify the system-activity and competence approach to conceptualization of interaction possibilities to solve the problem of interaction of future teachers with students in the context of modeling and implementation of this process in terms of a Pedagogical University.

Key words

readness, interaction, professional-pedagogical interaction

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